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They make you think (They want you to think) all it takes is hard work… or that you didn’t want it bad enough…

The story they tell you… The winner put in the effort.. Worked their butt off and … Got the reward…

Maybe that advice is great for physical challenges.

Don’t get me wrong – a lot of things is just making your mind up to do them. And then working to make them come into being. Figuring out a solution to the problem.

But, what if what you are doing, is not working out. Perhaps it is time to think differently about it…

What paths have opened up? While you have been on this journey? If you stay with your nose to the grindstone – you might not see what is opening up in front of you.

If it was all about hard work.. As in work – manual labor; That some people think is the only thing that it takes to be successfully, then we would all have been.

Work is easy… (Get up, Do, Perform, Rise and Repeat)

However, thinking outside of the box… being open to new ideas – now that takes work and courage.

Besides, when hitting a wall, isn’t it much better to go around, over.. find the door/gate , use TNT… then to use your fist to pound it into submission?

Or maybe, just take a break. Relax.. And see what comes to you.

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