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Whenever I hear somebody, say something along the lines of – “Well that is the TRUTH.” It turns my stomach a little bit – more like the taste of slight throw up in the back of your month.

Of course, I am always tempted to ask the question of – Truth by who?

Here is why. Truth – it seems it is being used as a way to defend just about anything these days.

Usually, when somebody says, that is the truth. Or “that is the truth how I see it.” Shuts down all other possibilities.

Maybe instead of searching for “The Truth” it is better to be open to theories.

I have a theory… It is my theory that… Leaves the doors open in such a way that if something comes up that challenges your theory… hey no big deal, you can add to the theory, but not feel the need to aggressively defend it.

Unlike a so called – truth, that becomes a belief. Which is very hard, rigid – holding a theory keeps you flexible.

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