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I am sure you have heard it… in 3 to 10 easy steps.. Just 5 minutes a day.. You too can have…

I don’t want to burst your bubble… but there are no shortcuts.. There are no hacks.

These things are made up by people who want to sell you something. Beware of ugly difficult things – packaged in pretty little packages.

I tell you why there are no shortcuts – because if a shortcut works. Guess what – it becomes a standard.

So, if you want to get better at – whatever.. Stop looking for the shortcut to success. There is no easy way. You don’t take a course – read a book – go to some guru and suddenly wake up – with whatever you are looking for.

Getting better – takes dedication. It is a hard road. That only you can travel.

Guess what! The hard path becomes your thing that separates you from the rest – Because the hard way – the way learned by difficult experience and painful realizations – doesn’t interest most people. They want an easy short cut.

Self-Sovereignty Through Spiritual Empowerment

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