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I had an elementary school teacher that would refer to the TV as The Idiot Tube in the corner. Mind you – at this time TVs where big and did have a tube, vs the flat screens they have today.

But lets think about it for a second. You invite this thing into your home like a welcomed guest. You plop down in front of it and the programming starts. Don’t you find it intresting that the shows on TV are referred to as programming? It is called that for a reason.

It is really a Tell-A-Vision. Not your vision, but some other narrative.

It seems to only give the narrative that everything is bad and it is only going to get worst. It shows – hate, food shortages, disease, war, disasters and it tries to criminalize anything that does not fit with-in a defined scope.

It doesn’t show how to live in harmony, how to gain freedom, how to gain food, or fuel, or abundance. Instead it tells you how to live, what the idols are doing, the life you should be living, and it can be yours for only three easy payments of $19.95.

Lets not talk about the unreality TV shows. They are staged.

It is easy to fix. Turn it off. Turn off the fascist who insults people who hold their own opinions and can think for themselves.

Spend time with you family, in nature, learn something new. Open your mind.

Self-Sovereignty Through Spiritual Empowerment

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