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The First Barrier – This was an image I received while in Salt Lake City, Utah – in 2005.

This image, reminds me of how we set out to do something. Maybe the path is paved for a bit things are easy, then we hit gravel, and before long the road ends and there is a fence.

When we hit that fence, we lookup because before that we have been looking down, thinking well that is pretty easy. When we lookup we see the first barrier and then we see how much we have to do, the ground we have to cover to reach the mountain. At that point we realize it is not going to be an easy path.

Most give up at that point.

The journey is not easy – but I encourage you to keep going. Find pleasure in the Journey – it is not the destination. By holding what we think the end result should be and how long it will take us to get there, we limit ourselves to other opportunities that will popup along the way.

Keep going and find the peace that is already around you.

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