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It has been a few years now since my dad as passed away. One spring we decided it was time to clean our his garage.

In the top back corner of the garage – on top of a cabinet where he used to store his tools, I found this large paper grocery bag.

The bag was old, dusty, and the mice has been eating away at it. On the front of the bag it was written – “String Too Short To Do Anything With” and in the bag what was left of it – was a collection of white string between 4 – 2 inches in length. Clearly string too short to do anything with..

Why would he keep this… I thought about it for a second and looking at the pile of scraps of wood. It occurred to me, my dad grew up in the depression era. I guess if times got tough enough and you needed a piece of string, you would tied some pieces together and… you have a usable piece of string.

It is pretty smart if you think about it. And it served a purpose back then..

Thinking about it – what things in our lives used to served a purpose for us, back when. And now we are hanging on to them even to this day. Adding to the baggage we must carry around….

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