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Something I have been contemplating.

My one concern about Entheogenic Sacraments – is the corporationalization of them.

As the mass media, churns out article after article about them, most of them in positive light, however some reducing the experience of them to a trip to disney land.

I give pause and have mixed feelings.

On one hand, I see them being used to benefit many – in which the current cooperate pharma industry has failed to do. I can see them as being a gateway to those seeking insight into the questions that burn inside of them and are willing to learn more.

Perhaps it will light a spark, in one.. To search and go deeper.

On the other hand, as psychedelics spreads across the world, the mass media applies it long entrenched and highly skilled tactics to nullify its deeper meaning and message.

Mass consumer culture has won when – people become indifferent and bored. It no longer matters, been there done that.

Absorbed into the system like, coca, and tobacco.

The driving force behind capitalism reduces whatever it encounters – no matter how different, exotic, indigenous, sacred, it may seen at first – to mere commodities that can be exchanged on the global marketplace.

It seeks to do to with Entheogenic Sacraments – what it does almost with everything else… reduce it to just a thing – as a way to put money in pockets. A means.

My theory – Something just feels strange about the commercial exchange of money for ceremonial medicine work and for the Entheogenic Sacraments , even though this has become commonplace.

Historically in the Amazon, healers would do their work for barter or as a gift.

I feel it is acceptable to accept donations. We all have to live in this world, aka game, which takes money as a means for exchange.

However, to pimp it, market it and sell it. I have issues with that.

We have to realize that the indigenous peoples who have been using these plant based medicines for 1000s of years – need a place at the table. They have knowledge of the uses of these medicines in ways that are truly profound and life-changing.

We simply can’t reduce that history to forms of commodities.

Self-Sovereignty Through Spiritual Empowerment

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