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I am all about going with the flow. But there are times where action is required. You have to do something, you know you need to do something, and more than likely you already know what to do…….

….But you hesitate.. You pause.. And you miss an opportunity.

This is where I have issues with a lot of that “If you visualize it – it will come” stuff. The thing it is missing you have to do something.

Things are just not going to land in your lap..

If life is; how some describe it – like flowing down a river. You have to be able to recognize (visualize) the hanging fruit that lines the river banks.

And you have to be willing to take action to reach up – slow down – speed up to get it. Because once it passes, it is a lot harder to turn around and try to make your way back up stream.

Self-Sovereignty Through Spiritual Empowerment

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