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Self-Sovereignty Through Spiritual Empowerment

Lets Connect

If something on this site, resonated with you. Maybe we can connect.

{With Gratitude}

  • Thank you mother earth, Gaia, the stuff we are all made out of.
  • I give thanks to the others that have come before me and removed the veil or at least pealed it back some.
  • Thank you those who take the time to read this, may it resonate with you.
  • Thank you, the visionaries, the outcasts, the wisdom keepers, the plants.

{Who Is This For}

This is for those who feel inside at your soul something it not right.

This is for those who want to know and aren’t afraid to look and won’t turn tail should they find it – and if they never do, they’ll have a good time anyway because nothing, neither the terrible truth nor the absence of it, is going to cheat them out of one honest breath of Earth’s sweet gas. (Borrowed that line from Tom Robbins)

This is for the explorers of life, the soul, the spirit.

This is for those not looking not looking for rules, dogma, The key is – guidance, not rules. With guidance given each seeker is better empowered to make informed choices.

{My Intentions}

I really feel like I am trapped on an island, and this platform is the way I am throwing out to sea messages in a bottle to see who gets them. To see who resonates with them. To see who responds.

It is really a way for me to find others who are like minded and connect.

This is about exploring. Not arguing.

So, if you read something or see something here (or anywhere else for that matter) that doesn’t resonate with you. Makes you uneasy. Gets under your skin. Makes you boil. I recommend to stop, take a break, and ask yourself where are those feelings really coming from?

To wake people up. And let me be clear, wake those who want to woke up. Not convert – because after all many people are just not ready. And that is ok. This is for those who are.

What I inspire to is a world where we all can just be open and honest with each other, without the feelings of rejection. About our feeling, our ideas, our thoughts, without having to hide behind something to shield those around us from the truth.

{The Ideas to Explore}

  • Connecting back to the earth.
  • Respecting and honoring those who came before.
  • Self-governing, self-determining, independent – Being self sufficient. (Being less dependent – A lot of people don’t like that idea.)
  • Seeing things for what they are. Seeing how things are. Uncovering a different way of seeing and how one might be.
  • Using technology as an extension of self – in such a way to extend ourselves and make our world better.
  • Starting a tribe, clan, a group…